He started school on Tuesday.


We watch the hockey game every Saturday night.


He is looking for his glasses.

present continuous

She will call you tomorrow.


He has lived in Laval for 2 years.

present perfect

They will have arrived by the time the show starts.

future perfect

I was listening to the radio when you called.

past continuous

He has been playing tennis since the age of six.

present perfect


They will be working here next year.

future continuous

He has a daughter who lives in New Brunswick.


They are studying at the same school as me.


I have seen that movie three times.


She is my sister.


I stayed in Quebec City last summer.


The Cranberries will be playing in Montreal this summer.


I have owned this car since 1994.


We had been living in Ontario before we moved to Quebec.


We were eating dinner when he arrived.


I will be in Vancouver next week.


Bell invented the telephone.


We are taking our children to Disneyland next week.


We bought our plane tickets yesterday.


I have had my dog for 5 years.


They are living in Buenos Aires now.


He usually has a coffee in the morning.


They were living in Rio before they moved to Buenos Aires.


Michael Crichton has written many books.


He wrote "Jurassic Park".



NoNonsense English
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by Eric Squire